does your middle market firm need to update your equipment

Does Your Middle Market Firm Need To Update Your Equipment?

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It’s probable the last five to ten years have been interesting to downright painful for your Middle Market firm.  You certainly aren’t alone, but smart organizations come out of recessions with different thinking than their competition.  Depending on how you were impacted, have you been able to make all the improvements and upgrades you’ve wanted?  Is your equipment in need of an update?

How Is Your Middle Market Organization’s Internal Equipment Sitting?

In times of financial strain, everything but the most vital functions often get their budget slashed.  Equipment used internally suffers more frequently because it isn’t customer facing.  Typically, data integrity and infrastructure are still updated because of the hugely detrimental impact they could impose.  But, what about printers, copiers, PCs, phone systems, etc.?  Now, is your financial situation leveled out or significantly improved?  If so, you may want to see if investing in upgrading the equipment keeping your organization running is necessary.

Does Your Middle Market Manufacturing Equipment Need Some Attention?

Manufacturing equipment can be enormous and extremely expensive, but it’s vital if you make physical products.  How long has it been since your manufacturing equipment has been updated, upgraded, or replaced?  Would you gain efficiencies, be able to produce more, take on more or larger customers, or save on production costs if you invested in your equipment?  It might be time to do some cost analysis to find out.

What’s The State Of Your Middle Market’s Customer-Facing Equipment?

Perhaps you don’t really own any “equipment” related to your customer-facing applications, but it may be time to think about upgrading your service providers or looking at their equipment.  What does your website look like, how is it running, and could it be improved?  Do you have enough customer service phone lines or trunks?  Do you use a customer service company or is it internal?  Could their equipment use an upgrade?  If the people who resolve customer issues and substantially retain business for you are working on outdated systems or on paper, it might be time to invest in getting them up to speed.

Is your self-service system outdated or clunky?  Do you offer text, phone, computer, and instant messaging as options for customer service?  If there are even more innovative options available, you might want to investigate if customers are clamoring for them.

Lastly, have you waded into Social Media yet?  Is it something you want to invest in?  If so, this might be the right time to spend a bit of money making key hires and getting systems and programs in place to help successfully launch you into it.

Middle Market organizations have been affected by the economic fluctuations and downturn of the last few years like every other size competitor.  However, if things have leveled out, it should be on your list to evaluate if your equipment is ready for updating or upgrading.

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