Robb Munger

Robb Munger, Founder, Exodus Place
ROI Podcast Episode 319

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Robb Munger, founder of Exodus Place, champions transitional housing for homeless men. With a background in finance, where he established a leading financial company in manufactured housing, Munger’s journey took a pivotal turn when he joined the board of Guiding Light Mission. There, he propelled a struggling rescue mission into prominence and transformed a former state corrections facility into Michigan’s largest non-governmental transitional housing, offering new beginnings to those in need. 

A former Army Officer, Robb Munger’s commitment to service shines through his philanthropic work and innovative solutions in community development. His collaboration with the Salvation Army and Goodwill in a small town within American City has showcased an innovative approach to addressing homelessness, demonstrating the impactful change that results from combining compassion with action. This initiative, with Munger at the helm, has become a testament to the power of collaborative community efforts in making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Exodus Place’s mission is to provide development and rapid re-housing for vulnerable men. “We offer a hand up, not a hand out. We believe that just giving people the basic items needed for survival doesn’t address the underlying social problems. Transitional housing is a stepping stone for people who are in between homelessness and permanent housing. Aligning with our philosophy of “offering a hand up, not a handout,” our members pay low monthly dues while we work to educate and train them to be successful and independent. Although the goal is to one day help our members receive permanent housing, we don’t put an expiration date on their stay — we realize the timeline for development is different for everyone!”

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