Kyle Rossin

Kyle Rossin, CEO, MANG Gear
ROI Podcast Episode 324

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Since 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin have grown each mangrove by hand for all of MANG’s Florida planting projects.

As MANG keeps growing, we’re not only planting mangrove forests throughout Florida, we’re also planting internationally in an effort to affect positive change in countries and coastlines affected by deforestation and pollution across the globe.

As the CEO of MANG Gear, Kyle Rossin is leading the way with his mission to preserve and restore coastal ecosystems around the world. MANG started its Buy One. Plant One. initiative by growing mangroves in Florida in 2015 and has continued to cultivate a culture for restoration one mangrove at a time. Through education, restoration, and apparel, MANG is committed to preserving mother nature for the next generation, so that we all can enjoy our natural resources.

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