middle market c-suite ready to calm automation fears

Is Your Middle Market C-Suite Ready To Calm Automation Fears?

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Likely, you’ve heard someone mention how we are all going to be replaced by robots and automation in the future. Whether you subscribe to those beliefs, your employees may. Some might happily think of it as an opportunity to quit performing menial or repetitive tasks. However, many are likely frightened about their jobs. As an executive, you should be considering how your teams feel about automation and Artificial Intelligence in the Middle Market. You should be working to ensure they understand employee training needs to replace fear of new technology.

What Could Automation Or AI Replace & Improve In Your Middle Market Firm?

If you are a manufacturer, it’s likely that robots could take over a large portion of your production processes. If you mostly sell high-level services, perhaps not. It’s important for your Middle Market C-Suite to be thinking ahead about who will be most affected. Those employees will likely need some immediate assurances and continued support & check-ins. The key is to be strategic in how you support and educate employees. And, in how you implement automation and AI. So, doing both concurrently and hopefully, seamlessly leads to the best chance for success.

How Can Your Middle Market C-Suite Support Your Employees?

If you knew the goal was to replace a quarter of your production staff with robots in one year, what would you be implementing? You’d likely already be having conversations, working on transitioning employees to other teams, cross-training, and developing new skills for them. If your plans are not immediate are you still laying some of the same foundations? Are you strategically planning, building out training programs with the long game in mind?

Sharing goals and how you hope to get there is powerful to eliminate any employee fears. Firstly, admitting you plan to implement automation but don’t want to cut staff is key. Ask team members how they could help make that vision come true for your Middle Market company. Provide opportunities for them to learn and expand their current skills. Next, build career paths so that they can move into other roles.

Going Beyond Cliches When Making Difficult Decisions In Your Middle Market Firm

If you do plan to reduce your staff, make sure that it is known. Give the expected timeline and how it will be handled as well. Employees may not want to hear it will be happening, but most will be much happier hearing it honestly, openly and well in advance. You’ll be giving your Middle Market teams time to adjust and employees time to make important life decisions.

Lastly, be open and give your staff the space to share their ideas, fears, and frustrations. Some will use this opportunity to grow and shift their careers. And, others will use it to complain. By giving them appropriate forums to vent and talk through their plans, you’ll ensure they know you have their interests in mind as well. Your Middle Market company can’t make everyone happy, but your C-Suite can do its best to support your staff.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence may be all the rage in conversations and business articles, but it also is a reality of our changing world. Your Middle Market C-Suite has opportunities to help your team members through their fears and any changes you may be facing. Make sure they are prepared to have the conversations and provide support and training to get them over the wall.

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