ROI's High Performance Leader Activation Process

We Deliver High Performance Leaders

Do you struggle to attract passionate High Performance Leaders onto your Executive Team quickly? Does your C-Suite have enough curiosity to win big? Or do you have problems finding the right talent to fit your company culture? If you have any of these problems you may need ROI’s Middle Market High Performance Leader Activation Process as a hiring solution.


Recruiting 2.0

The ROI Deep Dive™ gets to the depth of how our clients operate and includes understanding all aspects of our client’s company culture, decision-making approach, organizational structure and the nuances behind the hiring manager’s behaviors, competencies and motivations. The result? Our client’s Employer Brand Statement and ROI’s Position Specification – our proven approach achieving a +95% placement success rate for more than a decade of executive search operations.


The Executive Quest

ROI conducts extensive, strategic talent research to identify sources, contacts, and technology to find qualified candidates.


The Sorting Process

ROI completes a total portrait of the final candidates, their accomplishments, abilities and strengths. This includes psychometric assessments, 360 degree reference checks and deep background checks to verify what we have been told and heard and also to give our clients the comfort and confidence they need to make the final hiring decision.


The Art of The Follow Up

ROI’s customer service philosophy means once the position is filled, our responsibility doesn’t stop. ROI’s Retention Regimen™ is a regular, structured check-in process to ensure candidate on-boarding and performance progresses and that both the hiring manager and our placement connect and are working effectively and productively together.

Results in Full View

Peter Cazzolla, CEO
Capital Insurance Group

"ROI's plan is well executed from the beginning search through well after the placement of a candidate. They emphasize an understanding of a client’s culture and adapt their search process to work with and meet a client’s needs. The candidates that ROI vetted and brought to our attention for consideration are exceeding performance expectations. I highly recommend ROI.”

Kavien Martin, Director

“I highly recommend ROI because they are unquestionably one of the most respected and professional business partners that I have had the opportunity to work with. ROI has high integrity, is well organized and is sincere in their communication and efforts with prospective clients. ROI's follow-up is superb and their knowledge and experience of the industry allows them to add superior insight to prospective clients.”

Steve DeVoe, CEO
Kelly-Moore Paints

“ROI is very professional and concise on the executive search process. ROI’s search consultants kept our team informed as to the next steps, only presenting the most qualified candidates for the position. We are very pleased with the end result and the executive we selected. They have done a great job rebuilding and refocusing the team. We would not hesitate to engage ROI’s services in the future.”

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