Gregg Florentin

Gregg Florentin, CEO, TriCity Cardiology
ROI Podcast Episode 320

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Gregg Florentin is a 30-year visionary leader who has consistently driven innovation, operational excellence, and strategic collaborations in the healthcare industry. 

Prior to TriCity Cardiology, Florentin served as the President and CEO of Ahart Healthcare Solutions International in Dubai UAE and Houston Texas for eight years. During his tenure, he forged strategic partnerships with notable institutions such as Inova, Children’s National, and SEHA. 

Under Florentin’s leadership, AHART grew to over 500 employees where he was instrumental in holding various global interim executive leadership roles for 60 different specialties with mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, and financial growth.  These experiences were innovative, leveraging Lean techniques, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and patient and employee satisfaction to enhance safety, quality, and cost.

Florentin also held various executive leadership roles with Willamette Group, Group Health, Providence Medical Group, and Meritus Healthcare before his move to AHART. His illustrious career began at Community Tissue Services, one of the Nation’s Premier Organ and Tissue Banks.

Florentin has many accolades including:

Health Professional of the Year Award, Washington State Volunteers Society
3 Time Who’s Who In Healthcare Executive
Distinguished Leadership Award, Medford Oregon Community Executives
AHART Executive Award for outstanding leadership in business and education partnerships.
COO of the Year Providence
CEO of the Year AHART
Diamond Executive Award for Service Excellence, Dubai Healthcare
3 Time Lean Six Sigma Innovation Award

Gregg Florentin’s leadership philosophy emphasizes transparency, rounding for authenticity, kindness, and collaboration. He firmly believes that prioritizing team members’ overall happiness and satisfaction leads to positive outcomes for both the team and patients.

In summary, Gregg R. Florentin exemplifies excellence and enjoys sharing his vision as an invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences in the past 8 years sharing his knowledge on innovative healthcare to improving the patient experience, employee engagement, and the future of healthcare.


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