c-suite must be in the customer experience loop

Your C-Suite Must Be In The Customer Experience Loop!

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Your Middle Market organization may have grown to the point that you have quite a few C-Suite members. Or possibly you only have a CEO or CFO. Keeping your upper leaders and executives involved in many aspects of your organization is crucial. They bring a wealth of knowledge about their specific areas. And, many in the C-Suite have years of growth and bring experience and ideas with them.

It may seem that customer service and experience issues are well in their past. However, we’d like to suggest that thinking could be detrimental.


For many of the reasons listed above – their experience and knowledge, firstly. The C-Suite members of your Middle Market firm have many benefits they can bring to the table. They may have experienced the same types of issues or heard similar complaints. They will likely have a much easier time seeing the big picture. Executives typically won’t get bogged down being solely focused on any particular area of your business.

Lastly, it keeps your C-Suite in touch with your employees and customers. It keeps them from being the suits in the tower. So, it helps to ensure when they speak they’ll be doing it from a place of knowledge.

How To Go About It

The executives and leadership of your Middle Market organization clearly can’t be involved in every single customer complaint or situation that arises. So, you’ll need to be strategic about how and when they become involved.

Begin by making sure your C-Suite has a good base knowledge of your customer processes or experiences. Give them access to key teams and employees who can help educate them about where things stand today. Keep them involved in the high levels of planning for any new products or services and any time there are major changes to anything that impact customers. Share data from customer polls or questionnaires and ask for the C-Suite’s input on how to resolve issues.

Outside The Office

If anyone truly wants to know what customers think of your products, they should be looking for places where customers post information. Namely, the internet and social media in particular. Encourage your C-Suite members to be active on social media and to keep their finger on the pulse of what is being said about your Middle Market company. They may not need to be part of the team that responds to customer queries or issues, but it will help them to have a fuller understanding of what is being shared about your company.

It may require thinking outside the box, but keeping your C-Suite involved in your customer experience and service loop is well worth the payoff. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise can serve your Middle Market organization in this area.

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