should M&A be part of your growth plans

Should M&A Be Part Of Your Growth Plans?

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With a fairly high rate of failure or at least troublesome results, mergers and acquisitions aren’t something any smart organization takes lightly. It can be a daunting and lengthy process. However, the fact remains, sometimes M&A would be the best route for a company to take. Especially with an eye towards sustained growth. Looking at the future of your Middle Market organization, should you be thinking about M&A?

Which Is Best For Your Company?

If you are contemplating a merger or acquisition, which would work best for your needs and goals? If you think your firm might be interested in any variation, you’ll want to invest in learning more. Also, are you more comfortable or prepared to be the acquiring party or to being acquired? Again, much of this depends on long-term planning and goals.

What Will You Gain?

M&A isn’t a short, easy or totally free process, obviously. So, if your Middle Market organization is going to participate in one, the gains have to outweigh the pain. Before you start thinking about merging with another company or taking one over, be very clear on what the goals are. Also, what exactly you believe you’ll achieve in the process. Are you looking to expand your product lines, your production abilities, strengthen your market share by eliminating a competitor, acquire specific talent, etc.?

Next, you’ll need a way to make sure you actually achieve these results. It won’t do any good to acqui-hire a team that promptly quits, or to lose a major source of sales because of your process.

Are You Ready?

When you’ve evaluated what type of event your Middle Market company would be best suited to and you’ve figured out what you hope to gain and how you’ll attain those goals, you should have a good idea if M&A still makes sense for your company.

Next, you’ll need to make sure your organization is ready for the event. If you desire to be up for sale, do you know what potential buyers will want to see as far as results, customers, products, and financials? Do you need any expert or outside assistance or knowledge? Are you prepared legally and financially for any costs incurred?

If you are hoping to acquire a company, do you have the necessary infrastructure, leadership and support in place to successfully onboard an entire staff and successfully integrate the two organizations? Obviously, it is the time to do a bit of homework and make sure all your ducks are in a row.

Even though they can be time and resource consuming, mergers and acquisitions can be successful ways to gain momentum, a great team of already prepared professionals and ideally to help your growth. Take some time to evaluate your Middle Market firm’s stance on M&A, what could be gained and if your organization is prepared.

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