be passionately true to your core values for middle market success

Be Passionately True To Your Core Values For Middle Market Success

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When you describe your Middle Market organization and what it does to strangers, how do you feel you present yourself and your company? Do you struggle to explain what you do and who you do it for? Do you get stuck in the details of what products you make and exactly how you go about it? Or, are you able to passionately and accurately describe not only what you do, but who you serve and explain why exactly you do it?

If you can answer the latter, you likely are extremely successful at sticking to your core values. If your “elevator pitch” could use some help, we have some tips for you.

Middle Market Enthusiasm Grows From Your Core

Like almost everything in the universe, enthusiasm and passion grow exponentially outward from a kernel of something. It might be the core of your product line. Or, it could be your founder and their mission. In the beginning, there was something that sparked the start of a company. Likely, there was a core belief, value system or mission that got the whole ball rolling. If everyone in your Middle Market organization knows exactly what the “it” is at your core and they can proudly and loudly shout it from the rooftops, pat yourself on the back.

How To Ensure Your Middle Market Core Values Are Known & Upheld

If your Middle Market company has strayed from its core values or never had them fully developed and realized in the first place, now is the time to change that. Put it into plain words that succinctly and blatantly spell out exactly what your organization stands for or believes in.

Next, you need to make sure your employees know it — inside and out. Spend time fully detailing what is at your core and explaining it to every team member. Then, work to ensure they understand exactly why your core values matter and the results that come from staying true to them. Lastly, every person involved needs to know exactly what their part in upholding your core is and how they demonstrate it through their actions.

When every person, from the top to the bottom of your organization, eats, sleeps and breathes your Middle Market core values, you’ll have an extremely engaged, energized and enthusiastic company.

Enthusiasm And Passion Are Key For Middle Market Success

Once you’ve established your core values, stop to take your temperature. Do you fully agree with and believe in what you’ve set as your core? When you think about and speak of your values, what feelings do you encounter? If it doesn’t feel authentic, sustainable or true to your organization, your Middle Market firm might need to do some further refining. If your core values don’t evoke passion and enthusiasm in everyone that needs to work towards them, likely you won’t reap any ROI from the time you spend examining and documenting them.

So, make sure they speak to the heart of what your organization is truly about. Also, work to make them true — for today and tomorrow and for everything your Middle Market organization is and wants to be. You can’t force a core belief or values. They have to be real to have meaning.

Spending time evaluating, refining and documenting your core values is essential for instilling passion and enthusiasm across the board. Make sure your Middle Market organization can stay passionately true to yours.

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