Steve Sheinkopf, CEO, Yale Appliance and Lighting
ROI Podcast Episode 19

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Steve Sheinkopf is the third-generation owner of Yale Appliance and Lighting based in Boston, Massachusetts. He quite literally went from the bottom to the top – from putting away boxes, wire, and piping in the basement of his father’s store to cleaning the light fixtures on the ceiling! He’s worked in his family’s business for over 30 years and exhibits many unique abilities which make him a successful leader.

Describing himself as part sales, part operations with a healthy dose of HR and Customer Service, Steve has added blogging and social media duties to his repertoire. He’s twice been mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine for Content Marketing and Social Media engagement. His mom was so proud! Steve has a simple goal: He wants Yale to be the best retail experience anywhere. To that end, he’s focused on creating an appealing environment for both customers and staff because he knows customers are never happy with dissatisfied workers. Yale has won an array of awards from Best of Boston to the Massachusetts Retailer of the Year. Steve attended the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.


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