Matt Lesser

Matt Lesser, Founder & CEO, Uniquely Normal, LLC
ROI Podcast Episode 262

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Matt Lesser is the Founder/CEO of Uniquely Normal, LLC. Uniquely Normal exists to equip and train leaders to build flourishing team members and organizations through empathy, empowerment, and excellence. Matt has had the honor of training leaders, teams, and boards in over 40 countries over the past 20+ years.

Prior to launching Uniquely Normal, Matt served in C-Suite roles in private equity, banking, and industrial supply and distribution. Matt spent the first 15 years of his career leading his family’s business in the wholesale (later adding retail as well) petroleum industry. After starting the business over after less than a year at the helm, the business grew by over 15x before being sold.

Matt Lesser earned undergraduate degrees in business from Indiana University and an MBA from Taylor University. Matt is certified in nearly 20 personality, team building, and leadership assessments. Matt is a best-selling author and his first book, unSatisfied: When Less is More, was released on 11 October 2022; his second book will be released late 2023. Matt also serves as an Adjunct Professor, and he has served on several Boards of Directors in businesses and non-profits both domestically and internationally.

Matt’s greatest treasures are his Faith, family, and friends. Matt resides in northeast Indiana with his family.

About Uniquely Normal:
People are leaving organizations in droves. Turnover rate has never been higher and the cost of replacing a single employee can be double, triple, or even quadruple the salaries of the employees leaving.

That’s why, after many years in various C-Suite roles Matt Lesser decided to go all-in on his coaching business Uniquely Normal. By helping organizational leaders prioritize EMPATHY,  EMPOWERMENT, and EXCELLENCE Matt’s clients have seen turnover plumate and employee engagement skyrocket.


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