c-suite can improve employee innovation & growth

How Your C-Suite Can Improve Employee Innovation & Growth

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In your Middle Market organization your C-Suite is probably tasked with many different responsibilities and initiatives. They are actively running the company. They are responsible for making numerous decisions And, helping to formulate and act upon strategic planning and growth at the same time. These are just a few of the areas you likely rely on your executive team. One place you may not think about gaining their help with is employee innovation, development, and growth.

Your executive teams carry so much on their shoulders. And, they typically have more of an overview of your organization. So, you may not feel the aforementioned areas are worth using their time and energy on.

You could absolutely be right, but then again you might be missing wonderful opportunities.

How The C-Suite Can Improve Innovation

Typically, executives have paid their dues during their career progression. So, they usually have invaluable insight and experience to share. They have a nice view from the top of your organization. Which allows them to see more of the big picture. And, possibly more into the future than other leaders and managers in your company. Because they often have more of a well-rounded idea of the whole of your Middle Market firm, they can often provide perspectives no other employees can. That perspective can also be responsible for triggering innovation ideas in the rest of your teams and employees.

When directly involved in innovation plans, the high-level views of your executive teams can also provide perspective and outlook others can’t. Don’t discourage their involvement in innovation, but do take care to utilize their assets and knowledge effectively.

How The C-Suite Can Improve Development And Growth

If your executives have a variety of experience in their past, whether in your organization or outside of it, they likely have pretty strong opinions on employee development tactics that have worked or were not effective. If you don’t ask for their input or advice, they may not share it. Again, you have to temper their ability to offer input with all their other responsibilities, but they likely have important ideas and experiences to share.

Helping employees grow, expand and improve their knowledge, talents and abilities may not typically fall to your executive team, but you’d be missing out if you don’t at least keep them on the periphery of your initiatives. Instead of letting them get bogged down in the details, you may want to ask for their input at key phases. Or, find out how they feel they could best help with these areas while keeping their time constraints limited.

Using The Executive Team Effectively

As previously mentioned, your Middle Market C-Suite has plenty of important responsibilities so you certainly don’t want to tie them up with additional requests. However, there are ways you can use their knowledge and expertise effectively. If you don’t have a board of advisors, perhaps your C-Suite can be involved in creating an internal one tasked with certain employee related tasks and goals.

Or, they may best be used to create training strategies and development paths. If they are amenable, executives could form great strategy groups or mentoring opportunities.

When you think outside the box with regards to your C-Suite you may find many ways they can be beneficial to your employee innovation and growth.

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