don't focus too much on the same middle market social media efforts

Don’t Focus Too Much On The Same Middle Market Social Media Efforts

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You may view social media marketing as a necessary component of running your business – but not one you like to spend time or money on. It can be hard to determine ROI from social efforts and depending on your culture and industry; it may seem like a big waste. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2005 only 5% of adults were using social media. Now, over 69% are using at least one platform. It is not just teenagers and young adults; entire swaths of your desired market are online daily. Social media is an extremely important tool that could let your business connect with over half the US adult population! For the best success, we suggest you don’t focus too much on the same middle market social media efforts all the time.

Where Should You Focus Your Middle Market Social Media Efforts

Statistically, Facebook is the winning platform – in late 2016 68% of US adults were using it. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram each were getting a 1/3 of the traffic Facebook was. So, it may seem like an easy answer to focus most of your efforts there. But, statistics about usage are not the whole picture.

Depending on your industry, customer base, and products, Facebook might be a boon or a bust. Think about your target audience. Would the bulk of your desired customers be on Facebook daily or very rarely? Are they very active on the platform or have a few friends and pages they follow? Evaluate each platform you are considering with the same eye towards ROI. Instagram is hot, but with whom? Are your customers on Pinterest and how would your products/services fare on it? Don’t waste time and efforts on platforms that will yield meager results for you.

Put Big Efforts Into Fewer Places For Middle Market Social Media Wins

Instead of a scattershot approach, consider picking one or two platforms where you can connect with most of your customer base. Spend more money and efforts on those areas. Develop a strategy to connect with more people on the platform, gain followers and engage with your audience. You stand a better chance of actually finding and connecting with your target customers by being selective than by blasting the same thing to every platform out there. Plus, your customers may come to appreciate that you are trying to connect with, not just advertise to, them.

Make The Most Of Each Stream And Add New Methods For Middle Market Social Media Success

The customer base of each social media platform has unique tendencies and likes and dislikes. It is important to find these key differences and use them to your competitive advantage. Figure out what types of campaigns, posts, images, etc. work best on the platforms you are targeting.

Next, consider using video and live feeds to connect in different ways. Or, if you do not use many visuals in your posts, mix it up. Finding an artist on a freelancing page and paying a small amount for hundreds of images may seem trivial to you now. However, if it means increased traffic to your website or newfound customers, it’s a drop in the bucket.

Social media certainly shows no signs of slowing down or disappearing. It behooves your Middle Market firm to figure out how to connect you with the most prospective customers for your money.

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