Gonzalo Zubieta

Gonzalo Zubieta, CEO & Founder, Emet Partners
ROI Podcast Episode 309

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Gonzalo Zubieta is a CEO, founder, and disruptive transformation expert with more than 15 years of experience in leadership and strategy consulting. He is the head of Emet Partners, a consulting firm that helps Fortune 100 companies redefine their value proposition, strategic design, and value chain creation. He has a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, a Certificate in Developmental Entrepreneurship from MIT, and a Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School.

As a speaker, mentor, angel investor, and advisor, Gonzalo Zubieta is passionate about transforming the lives of those who lead organizations. He has worked with CEOs and executive teams in various sectors, enabling them to increase their competitive edge, improve their corporate climate, and foster a culture of honor in their organizations. He is also a recognized resource and facilitator for YPO, a global network of young business leaders. He has published a book on the analysis behind the trap of choosing the “right” decisions and speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and French.

Emet Partners is a Management Consulting Firm:
LEADERSHIP CURATOR 15 years redefining the true meaning of business and organizational transformation.
DISRUPTIVE IMPACT Leading a consulting firm recognized by Fortune 100 companies for working on Value Proposition, Strategic Design, and Value Chain creation.
METHODOLOGY A systematic approach that challenges the organizations to embrace a new interpretation of the Past, Present & Future.
INNOVATION More than a decade leading executive teams with a proven approach to: engage team work dynamic, strategic visualization and group feedback.

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