middle market office setting the wrong tone with prospective employees

Is Your Middle Market Office Setting The Wrong Tone With Prospective Employees?

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If you started small and grew into the Middle Market, you’ve likely worked in some interesting places. Cars, restaurant booths, kitchen tables, etc. are “the office” for many new businesses. Through your growth, you likely picked out spaces which fit your needs and your budget, not necessarily your aesthetics. While you may not think about your space, it’s important to know prospective employees do. It might be time to focus on office design – both for your current teams and to attract and recruit top talent.

Can Your Middle Market Office Design Turn Someone Away?

In a word, absolutely! Imagine you work in a multi-use space with offices, which allow for closed doors and privacy, but with plenty of open spaces that foster innovation and team collaborations. Now let’s say you land an interview with your “dream employer.” You walk into the office and see a cube farm. It is loud, it’s beige, and there are no inviting open spaces. There are a few offices down the hall, and all the doors are shut. There is no area for team working, and everything seems very mechanical.

If you loved your original office design, what would you think of the one you just walked into? Would it make someone think twice about moving to this organization? The reverse could also be the case. Obviously, you cannot control how your office design appears to every single person, but you can think about what you want to convey to candidates and clients with your space.

How To Design A Space For Your Middle Market Firm That Attracts And Is Useful

Your office design must work for business needs first and foremost. If you are a manufacturer, couches, foosball tables and bright, graphic paintings may not be the route to go. It totally could work for your Middle Market firm, but not if it does not match your needs, environment or culture.

What do your teams need to be successful and get their daily work completed? Do they need quieter spaces, more open areas and/or larger meeting rooms? Is a wide-open office space better for what your teams do or potentially distracting and too loud for some?

Next, think about the emotions and feelings your space should be evoking. Are innovation and collaboration a priority for your Middle Market firm? Or is efficiency and accuracy more important? Your space should work with your core values if you want it to feel authentic and be productive for your organization. Think about the types of employees you want to attract. What spaces will be best for them and what would be off-putting?

Your Middle Market company may need to rethink your office design with an eye towards attracting new employees, but you want to make sure it still stays true to your values. Look at your office through a fresh set of eyes to see what your design is saying to candidates.

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