Talent Research and Evaluation

The Executive Quest

With the “Deep Dive™” completed and a detailed, ROI Position Specification in hand agreed upon with our client, ROI sorts through the myriad of both passive (candidates not actively looking for a new role, who may not know our client) and active candidates (candidates actively searching for a new role or who are in-between assignments) with the experience and qualifications for the executive role.

ROI conducts extensive, strategic talent research to identify sources, contacts, and technology to find qualified candidates.

Through our extensive screening process, we identify, intensively interview and present those few executives who not only fit our client’s culture, but also add to the diversity of the hiring managers and their growing, successful organization. Then we validate their education, work experience and total compensation package against our client’s requirements from the ROI Position Specification.

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Results in Full View

Jeff Gans, CEO
RIC Insurance General Agency

“Resource Options International has developed an excellent methodology for finding and qualifying candidates. I was very impressed by the range of the pool of candidates that they developed. Their written questionnaire was very useful in selecting the initial group to talk with. Once we selected the finalist, the online assessment results were quite helpful in targeting questions for each candidate and understanding their behaviors and values. Overall, I was extremely pleased with ROI’s insights into each candidate, the candidate we selected and the speed with which the search was concluded. I strongly recommend ROI to companies looking to select an executive search professional.”

Dan Garson, COO,
Congoleum Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with ROI on a personal placement in an executive role. I was impressed with their professionalism, business acumen, integrity and honesty, thorough knowledge of the company, the position, and company culture. ROI was very clear on the attributes required to be a successful candidate for the role I was seeking. While I was in close competition with very capable candidates, ROI had the unusual ability to motivate me to persevere and prepare me for subsequent meetings while providing an objective perspective on my prospects as a potential match, always working in the best interest of his client. ROI is a top performing recruiting firm and I would not hesitate to use them in an executive search.”

Marc Weinstein, COO,
Sage Centers for Veterinary Care

“I had the pleasure of working with ROI when we were recruiting for a Director of Sales and Marketing. They are consummate professionals and asked insightful questions to understand our business situation, challenges and requirements, as well as the qualities and skills required of the candidate. ROI ensured all the final candidates were a cultural fit, using talent assessment tools, as well as clearly had the necessary experience and skills to excel in the role. They deliver results, are great communicators and nail commitments. I highly recommend ROI, would hire them again without hesitation, and look forward to working with them in the future!”

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