Final Candidate Qualification

The Sorting Process

As our client narrows shortlisted candidates to those two of three final candidates, the last phase of the search begins. ROI initiates psychographic assessments tests to really get to know and understand candidate’s behaviors, motivations, competencies and the ideal work environment in which they will thrive.

ROI completes a total portrait of the final candidates, their accomplishments, abilities and strengths. This includes psychometric assessments, 360 degree reference checks and deep background checks to verify what we have been told and heard and also to give our clients the comfort and confidence they need to make the final hiring decision.

ROI makes direct inquiries with people who comment objectively about each candidate’s performance on the job and their personal knowledge of the executive outside the workplace. Deep background checks, including social networking website reviews, are also conducted to ensure that we know as much about the final candidate’s personally and professionally to provide our client a well-rounded snapshot of the executives.

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Results in Full View

Anne French
Authentic Alaska

“ROI is an excellent partner, sounding board and advisor. Their recommendations are cogent, well thought out, grounded in deep market place experience. On top of that, they have integrity, which makes it a joy to work with and collaborate with them.”

Tony Newton
Founder and CEO,

“I have known ROI for many years and their commitment to their craft is exceptional. I have spoken with some of ROI’s placements and many of them went out of their way to say that they were the only recruiter at a C-level position to ever follow up and ask, really ask, how the job was going and if it was a good fit. I don’t know any other executive recruiter that does that sort of thing anymore.”

Steve Aylsworth
CEO, JetLux &
Managing Partner, Tri-Search

“ROI is a leader in the Executive Recruitment industry. I have partnered with them for 10 years and they have always provided amazing client service and top quality work! I highly recommend anyone looking for the best talent and partner to work with ROI.”

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