ROI’s Retention Regimen™

The Art of the Follow Up

ROI helps retain candidate placements through ROI’s Retention Regimen™ process after hiring. We guarantee candidate placements for up to 12 months after hiring, for cause and up to 6 months for any reason – period. We perform one, two and three month phone interview check-ins with both the candidate and hiring manager to ensure the on-boarding process progresses well.

ROI’s customer service philosophy means once the position is filled, our responsibility doesn’t stop. ROI’s Retention Regimen™ is a regular, structured check-in process to ensure candidate on-boarding and performance progresses and that both the hiring manager and our placement connect and are working effectively and productively together.

Then at six, nine and 12 months, we check-in with both parties via phone and/or face-to-face meetings for more thorough interviews, performance feedback and further evaluation of the orientation process. Feedback is also sought from peers, subordinates, customers and those in the Human Resources function to ensure that the candidate is adjusting well to the new company culture and job responsibilities.

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Results in Full View

Vice President,

“ROI recruited me for one of my recent positions, as well as recruiting several other senior folks at my last company. During this process and after, I found ROI to be an extraordinary resource, incredibly organized and an outstanding in their communication. They did an exceptional job of connecting the right candidates to the right positions, and ensuring the recruiting and hiring process was as smooth and transparent as possible. ROI’s post-hire follow-up to track the success and integration of new hires exceeds anything I’ve seen previously. I would highly recommend ROI for any resourcing and recruiting needs.”

Van Haas, Founder & CEO, Accountix

“ROI has been a pleasure to work with and made the hiring process extremely efficient. They have excellent vision and were able to guide me through their process, which made my hiring decision much easier. ROI helped me build out the position specification and had excellent input there. They also brought in multiple qualified candidates that fit my criteria. What is really of value is ROI’s network that allows them to bring in candidates that would not otherwise apply. The candidate we selected was from out of the area and would never have been aware of our opening if not for ROI’s leading our recruiting efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend ROI.”

Bernadette Boas,
Founder & CEO,
Ball of Fire Consulting

“When it comes to forming strategic partnerships, I am very particular about who I engage with, to ensure there is significant value exchange between the parties. ROI over delivers in the area of value. Their clients and partners are their top priority; and their goal is to be the best business partner in solving their client’s talent needs. What has impressed me about ROI is their focus on building relationships, understanding the needs of the client in great detail, and then delivering the highest quality solution; which makes for very successful engagements.”

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