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ROI has ongoing Executive Coaching assignments with many of our clients – each one unique and tailored to the specific needs of the individual.  The projects always start with a needs assessment of the executive, which is completed through a combination of psychographic assessments and ROI interviews.

We develop learning modules that focus on the executive’s specific needs and career goals.

Most coaching programs last at least six months, with two or three scheduled check-in calls scheduled with a ROI Coach. Beyond that, each executive will have periodic contact with their ROI Coach to ensure progress is made and training goals are met.

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Russ Sharer, VP Global Marketing and Business Development,
Fulham Co., Inc.

“ROI strives to understand the requirements of their partners and clients, seeking to create win-win matches. I found that they invested significant time to understand my unique strengths. It was a great experience working with ROI.”

Leslie DaCruz
Founder & Principal,
Stradeation Inc.

“I have worked with ROI on a number of occasions. They have a unique way of clearly understanding a customer’s needs and delivering just the right solution. ROI has extensive knowledge of the Middle Market companies with contacts at the “C” level, drawing on their deep experience in management and marketing.”

Steve Morris,
Founder & CEO,
ChoiceWorks, Inc.

“ROI is focused on delivering high quality, accurate, bottom line, no-nonsense, on-time results for their clients in ways that always enhance their businesses and their experiences.”

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