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Bringing On A New CRM? What To Consider First

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New technology can be extremely exciting because of the possibilities it can bring to your Middle Market organization. Typically, you update your technology to increase efficiency. Also, to gain more robust features or to save time, money and effort over clunky processes. So, implementing a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) process or tool will certainly be exciting. But, it can also be frustrating and use more of your time, money and human capital resources than you planned for.

Why Your Middle Market Organization Wants Or Needs A CRM Update/Implementation

Your CRM options are numerous – in-house development, out-of-box programs, personalized development, self-supported, etc. So, to match up with the best option for your company, be crystal clear about what you want or need and why. If you cannot articulate exactly what want, your chances of a successful implementation can suffer. Ask what the CRM will be used for? What you want and don’t want? How it will be most effectively used in your organization?

Clarity helps you decide on the best option. So, figure out how much your company actually needs in a tool. That will make it clear where to focus most of your time, efforts and money.

What You Hope To Gain From A CRM Solution

Perhaps after those questions, you’ve identified many of the desired results and outcomes of a CRM. Knowing exactly what you want helps to decide between solutions. It can also give you KPIs or benchmarking tools to help ensure success. So, if you really just want a CRM solution or update because it seems like the popular thing to do, you should stop. If you only have a vague idea of how it will benefit your Middle Market organization, you probably won’t have the greatest success.

What Are Your CRM Needs And Expectations

CRM solutions are so varied and have so many different possibilities. So, your Middle Market firm’s needs could be wildly different from those of your competitors. Also, they’ll likely shift with your growth. Knowing what you need today and anticipating your future needs again help you choose between solutions.

Picking products or a solution that is just right is key for successful implementation and user acceptance. Getting the top of the line product might be appealing, but if it is way too much horsepower, you’re wasting time and money.

Also, spend time investigating exactly what a CRM solution can and cannot do. If you expect it to be installed quickly, easily and without a snag, you’ll probably be let down. Likewise, if you think CRMs are magical tools that effortlessly provide reams of useful data, you might be disappointed. Take your time to investigate what solutions you care about and which tools can afford you them.


While a solution retailer might talk up their products and end-results, they’ll be less inclined to share the pain points and difficulties with you. Seek out resources who have gone through a similar implementation to get a well-rounded picture. An advisory board, trusted resource or networking connections can all be great ways to get a full idea of what a CRM can do and what implementation really looks like.

Customer Relationship Management solutions could be a game-changer for your Middle Market organization, but take time, effort and money. Being prepared and knowing exactly what you want and what will be most beneficial for your company is key to success.

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