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Re-Release: Stephen Wakeling, co-founder & CEO, Phobio
ROI Podcast Episode 276

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Stephen Wakeling is a wireless industry entrepreneur with a 10-year track record of developing disruptive, technology-powered services. He is the co-founder and CEO of Phobio, LLC — a software development company that builds optimized software services to support wireless carriers and retailers. Phobio provides outstanding service and support to wireless retailers around the world and to technology companies, such as Apple, Verizon, and Samsung.

Phobio’s flagship product is Safetrade, a device trade-in software that offers simple solutions, unmatched support, and a risk-free program that guarantees device values to wireless retailers. In 2017, Phobio successfully launched its second product — Rodio — which provides a two-way communication system designed specifically for enterprises to send important updates and messages to remote and geographically-dispersed teams with ease, and utilizes AI to maximize team engagement. 

Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School. He is a journalist by education, a technologist at heart, and, as an entrepreneur, he thrives on start-up culture and his personal mission to build things better. Stephen is also an avid pilot, who has moved frequently in his career, living throughout the US, Australia, and Asia. Currently, he lives in Atlanta with his wife and two sons.

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