Ross Wainwright

Ross Wainwright, CEO, Alida
ROI Podcast Episode 152

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Ross Wainwright is a seasoned software executive with a proven 30-year record of fast-tracking ideas that will disrupt existing markets. 

As Alida’s leader, Wainwright firmly believes in a world where the best business decisions are those made ​with​ customers, not ​for​ them. He has aligned his global team to help companies uncover and action their customers’ truths to improve experiences and create meaningful relationships. 

Wainwright has set Alida on course to realize an aggressive growth agenda that accelerates innovation and provides the utmost value to its customers. 

Before joining Alida in December 2019, Wainwright was CEO of the Americas region for global networking and services provider Dimension Data/NTT. Prior to that, he spent over 15 years with SAP, where his most recent roles were Chief Customer Officer for the S/4Hana Cloud business unit and Global Head of Financial Services. 

Ross Wainwright has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Forbes, BNN Bloomberg and named #21 on the list of ‘Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020’ by the Software Report.

Alida helps customer-obsessed brands transform customer, product, employee, and brand experience with Alida TXM.

Customers are the ultimate source of truth. When you put that truth into action you make decisions with your customers, not for them.


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