Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed

Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed, co-Founders, Huupe
ROI Podcast Episode 271

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Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed are the co-founders of Huupe, the world’s first smart basketball hoop.

Paul is the CEO of Huupe and is a Greek-American founder originally from Milwaukee, WI. Before becoming a founder, Paul was working as an intellectual property attorney in San Francisco, CA where he helped numerous companies obtain valuable IP. It was through his work in intellectual property where Anton learned about business and what makes a company truly valuable. Anton’s first company, Atlas Media, was an out of home advertising startup that was acquired by one of the nation’s leading advertising companies. Shortly after that, Anton went on to found Real Shot, an augmented reality basketball gaming company that became part of Deutsche Telekom’s exclusive hub:raum accelerator. It has always been Anton’s dream to build a way for people to play basketball against each other in different parts of the world. According to Anton, Huupe is a lifelong mission. 

Lyth is the COO of Huupe and is an Arab-American founder originally from Milwaukee, WI. Previously, Lyth helped co-found a luxury ride-share app that has done over 60 million rides to date. After that, Lyth moved on to an AI-recruitment technology company that did 20 Million in revenue in its first year. Lyth has experience in early-stage startups and global expansion. As an operational leader, building successful teams and hitting deadlines is his expertise. His love for basketball, technology and blending the two together is the motive for creating Huupe.


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