Mike Grossman

Mike Grossman, CEO, Inflection
ROI Podcast Episode 125

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Mike Grossman has 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience. Currently CEO of Inflection, the country’s fastest-growing background screening provider, he has also been CEO of a diverse set of innovative, VC-funded software companies, including LiveCapital, Tempo, Attributor, SugarSync, and Zetta, all of which were ultimately acquired. Mike’s experience in large companies includes leadership positions at Intuit and Johnson & Johnson, and board roles at Borders and Quicken. He started his career as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company in San Francisco and Sydney. Mike Grossman holds an A.B. in Economics and a J.D. from Harvard University. He is passionate about his family, his cats (4 at present), international travel, science fiction films, tennis, creative writing (when time permits), and quiet irreverence.

About Inflection:

In 2006, during the earliest days of the big data era, Inflection was founded to address three emerging trends: the increasing prevalence of people searching for people online, the emergence of online records, and the privacy implications of the easy availability of personal information.

Today, with 12+ years of experience sourcing, filtering, and analyzing billions of public records, Inflection is a proven industry leader in people data, privacy standards, and risk solutions. Designed for organizations across all industries, our powerful, fair, and reliable screening products empower companies to make better and faster people decisions about who they should hire, who they should trust, and to whom they should grant access.



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