Matt Coughlin

Matt Coughlin, Founder & CEO, XSELL Technologies
ROI Podcast Episode 148

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Matt Coughlin is a leader with contagious passion for great customer engagement, and the economic and business impacts created when customers are engaged in exactly the right way.

Prior to founding XSELL, Matt had the opportunity to work with many quintessential brands including Disney, Apple, Carnival, AT&T, GE, Walgreens helping them to bring their customer experience to life. 

His experience in these environments led to his observation of a power law in sales, regardless of the brand, wherein top performing agents were not marginally better than their peers – they were multiples better and they delivered disproportionately successful results. 

This observation drove Matt’s curiosity around the ability to scale the actions, tactics, and strategies of top performers to an entire enterprise. 

Matt founded XSELL Technologies on the premise that this was not only possible, but when done exceedingly well it would radically transform the digital customer experience. 

Matt has since grown XSELL to deliver on this premise, leading XSELL’s clients to experience transformative business results. 

Matt Coughlin has a bachelor’s degree in biology from Illinois State University.  He is married to his college sweetheart Kerri; they have three kids – Emma (21), Charlie (18) and Henry (16), all of whom are top performers.

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