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What Do You Look For in the People You Invest In and Hire?

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One of my favorite questions on the podcast is “What do you look for in the people you invest in and hire?” Every CEO has answered it differently, although there are some common threads. Most of the CEOs I interview say they are looking beyond the skills for the job. Skills can, to a point, be taught. They are looking for other characteristics that they believe will make someone a successful member of their team, and directing and building upon that company culture is a key role of a good leader.

For many, the ability to work with others is a key trait. Good leaders want teams that are able to work together, share thoughts, and champion good ideas without ego getting in the way. They want to know that the people they hire will be passionate about the company’s goals and values and will collaborate with other members of the team.

Another oft-cited trait is curiosity. Good leaders don’t want team members who come in already thinking they know everything–they want people who remain curious and are always looking to learn and innovate, who ask questions and ask for help, and who have the ability to find the answers to their questions.

For other leaders, a rule of thumb for hiring is to hire people that they think are going to be able to be promoted. This mindset helps leaders find new team members with the capacity to grow not only in their role but as leaders, too. Hiring people is tough, and hiring with the long game in mind is a key strategy for many organizations.

Another way that leaders discern who will be worth hiring and investing in is asking interview questions that center around the company’s own values and mission. How did you deal with the situation where perhaps your values were questioned? How important is it to for you to work for an organization with clear values? That helps leaders determine if their organization is one in which a prospective hire will be able to thrive.

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