why your middle market organization should be hipo hyper-focused

Why Your Middle Market Organization Should Be HIPO Hyper-Focused

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When your Middle Market organization was young, developing a program to identify, grow & support high potential or “HIPO” employees was a luxury.  You were running a business, growing your customer base, closing sales and delivering on orders.  The key goals for a long time were keeping the lights on and the doors open.

As you grew into the Middle Market, perhaps you’ve started looking towards your long-term plans.  When you plan long and short-term goals, employee development may move more into focus.

Why HIPO Development For Your Middle Market Firm?

No matter your plans for the future – pass to the next generation, remain privately held or to sell – you need employees and leaders.  HIPO development is essential for all of these situations and the success of your business in the future.

Also, HIPO employees are just that – high potential. Ideally, they produce more results, attain greater heights and take your organization with them.  They are your future leaders, business developers, key personnel, and visionaries.

Why Hyper-Focused In The Middle Market?

Like anything good, discovering how to best identify, engage, assist, and build up your high potential employees will take time.  Perhaps you have an idea of what you’d like your HIPO program to look like.  However, to be most effective, you’ll require time to adapt and refine what is most successful for your needs, assets, and desires.

HIPO development programs take more time and effort than a standard job search.  HIPO programs need to be a priority, today and in the future.  To have a pipeline of leaders at the ready, you need to start and stay strong.

The Payoff For Your Middle Market Organization

Long-term employee development programs may not seem like an urgent priority.  However, as your company continues to grow and evolve, you’ll find the effort you put forth now paying dividends in the future.  Knowing that life could throw any number of challenges in your way, it’s important you don’t wait for the fabled rainy day to get started.  The more time, effort, and resources you can throw at your Middle Market firm’s HIPO program now, the better chance you stand at being able to fully reap the rewards when you need them.  Also, you’ll gain short-term rewards like employee engagement, better retention, and prospective employee attraction.  Your HIPOs will also likely provide beneficial feedback and suggestions.  So, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out now and in the future.

Focusing your attention and resources on a robust, responsive, and productive HIPO identification, training, and support program not only ensures your Middle Market organization will have leaders in the future, but you’ll also see many short-term benefits.  When done correctly for your needs, anything you put into it will certainly show ROI.

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