fuel growth by shifting to a stronger customer focus

Fuel Growth By Shifting To A Stronger Customer Focus

In Strategy Resources by Brandt A. Handley

If you ask any company why they formed, you’ll likely hear about solving problems or addressing needs. To succeed, you must form connections with your customers. Your Middle Market organization must continue to expand your connections and solidify what currently exists.

Things like production, employees, time and money tend to get in the way of your original path or dream. Successful companies navigate a path that gives equal due to the business and their customers. Very successful organizations put greater emphasis on being devoted to their customers’ needs because they understand how powerful a customer centric mentality is.

Why “Them” Should Have Greater Importance Than “We”

Have you ever heard or felt “What’s in it for me?” at any point in your life or career? Whether subconsciously or overtly, we tend to look for how any situation will benefit us. It’s human nature – we are all designed to look out for our own well-being and potential to gain something.

It isn’t different in business – customers are always looking for services and products to provide for their needs. Designing a business which puts customers first could gain closer ties, more raving fans, and continued growth. You won’t need to ask why you are doing something or what the desired outcome is. Clarity in who you serve, why you serve them and what you want to do for your customers is extremely powerful.

Demonstrating Your Focus

Once your Middle Market organization has decided to focus on being customer-centric, how do you demonstrate this shift? Remember your branding goes far beyond your logo and letterhead. To put it succinctly, you’ll need to demonstrate your focus in every aspect of your messaging. Every place you show up or communicate with customers needs to have the same branding.

It should be immediately apparent how your products and services benefit your customers. You must capture the hearts and minds of your customers. Your Middle Market company must demonstrate a few key things. Why you do what you do, Also, why you serve who you serve. And, why your organization matters to your customers and the world at large.

Work to ensure every employee, regardless of their position, fully understands and feels your “why” in every aspect of their career. Make it essential that the goals of your leadership and teams feed directly into your customer focus.

How Does A Customer Focus Bring About Growth?

When faced with a saturated marketplace of similar products with similar features, how do customers decide what to purchase? More products and services are purchased based on how they make the customer feel or how they allow the customer to appear in the world.

Think of any major brand and you’ll likely start seeing what emotional focus it tries to convey to its customer base. Consider Apple and its raving fans – standing in line for hours and days to get the newest products, purchasing new products as fast as they are produced, even when the older products are still functional and sufficient.

In other words, your Middle Market company could be growing raving fans who not only give you free advertising every day but continue to buy products year after year based solely on the feelings you have grown.

A customer-centric focus can help your company be top of mind with current and prospective customers and should be a key factor in your future growth plans.

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