Position Title: Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Client Company: Kelly-Moore Paints (www.KellyMoore.com)

Job Scope:  The Vice President of Manufacturing reports to the Chairman & CEO of Kelly-Moore Paints and is a member of the company’s executive team.  This executive will have overall responsibilities for two complex manufacturing and distribution facilities (California &Texas) as well as a distribution network responsible to deliver product to over 160 retail points nationwide.  The company is also exploring international manufacturing and distribution opportunities.  This executive is responsible for the overall direction, strategy, planning and execution of the company’s manufacturing and distribution operations.  Critical responsibilities include overseeing a unionized workforce of +1,000 factory floor labor, two Plant Managers and manufacturing support staff based in both California and Texas.

Candidate Placement: ROI placed a +20 year senior manufacturing executive with deep experience in fast moving, consumer packaged goods industry. He has since hired ROI for multiple retained search assignments in his manufacturing organization.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Advise the CEO and the Executive Team on strategic issues that relate to the manufacturing operations of the company. Coach, lead and manage a team of in-house, staff, sub-contractors and union employees.
  • Ensure that, as the company grows, manufacturing capabilities meet or exceed all industry and customer requirements for cost, quality, and responsiveness.
  • Play an active role in problem resolution and senior-level negotiations prior to the issue reaching the CEO’s desk. Be the face and voice of the company in all union negotiations and communications.
  • Develop and manage budget and cost reduction to improve margin performance.
  • Partner with the Sales and Operations teams to ensure paint is delivered to the Kelly-Moore retail locations at the lowest landed cost, on time, while ensuring high-quality standards.

Skills, Qualifications & Competencies:

  • Ability to plan and manage at both the strategic and operational levels.
  • A minimum of 15 years’ experience in operations management in a high-volume quality-centric environment such as ISO9001. A career path showing progressively increasing levels of responsibilities at more than one employer.
  • Oracle ERP software or similar experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred.
  • Experienced in a union environment leading end-to-end operations (from planning and procurement through manufacturing and delivery) is required.
  • Experienced in high-volume batch processing in paint, solvents, or other chemical manufacturing.