How are you using technology to improve your productivity?

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How Do You View The Cloud From Your Middle Market Perch?

Technology continues evolving at an almost breakneck pace and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. A few years ago, cloud storage and processing may have seemed like a futuristic, scary or “out-there” concept. However, today it’s pretty widely accepted into almost every industry, niche, and channel.  When it comes to your Middle Market firm, where do you stand on the cloud?


Russ Taylor, CEO, Fusion of Ideas
ROI Podcast Episode 23

Russ Taylor is a dynamic businessman, a leader in the tech space, and a born entrepreneur. As CEO, President and Founder of Fusion of Ideas, Taylor is the steward of the only American mobile integration company of its kind offering end-to-end mobile device branding experiences, in-house app development as well as mobile integration programs & consulting for some of the largest brand names in the world.


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