how do you view the cloud from your middle market perch

How Do You View The Cloud From Your Middle Market Perch?

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Technology continues evolving at an almost breakneck pace and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. A few years ago, cloud storage and processing may have seemed like a futuristic, scary or “out-there” concept. However, today it’s pretty widely accepted into almost every industry, niche, and channel. Many Middle Market companies have embraced cloud services due to their efficiency and cost saving aspects. When it comes to your Middle Market firm, where do you stand on the cloud?

Is Your Middle Market Organization Cloud Positive?

When you look to your own internal processes and needs, have you embraced cloud technologies? If so, you are certainly not alone. The 2016 Deloitte survey found 54 percent of respondent companies will be spending more in technology than the year before and cloud infrastructure was a top technology listed to help fulfill the needs directly responsible for the increased spending. The general trend in the Middle Market is to be more tech-positive and to embrace new technologies. It’s helping to bridge the gap between Middle Market and their larger competitors. Technology is giving a huge advantage over the smaller competitors and allowing for greater customer satisfaction.

Why Your Middle Market Company May Want To Give The Cloud Another Look

Certainly, in the past, cloud storage and computing may have seemed a bit more fragile or less secure. However, time has passed and the security has been tested for several years. In most cases, it has been proven to be as secure – and sometimes incredibly more so – as most internal systems. You know your organization best and your CIO or IT leadership can advise you most accurately, certainly. However, if you’ve decided against offsite systems & software in the past, it may be time to at least take another peek. Security continues to evolve, costs continue to drop and more capabilities than ever exist.

Your Middle Market Firm Isn’t Alone In Fearing The Cloud

Search “Cloud Fear” to find plenty of recent articles about companies having a hard time trusting the services. Your information is at risk from internal threats but trusting your data to outsiders is still something to evaluate. Make sure you do your homework – both about outsourcing storage or computing and internal security. If you don’t feel comfortable outsourcing, at least take the lessons to heart and shore up your IT security.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer regarding the cloud for your Middle Market company. Instead of thinking black and white, do your research and make decisions that are comfortable and make sense for your organization. At the end of the day, as long as your data is secure wherever it is stored or processed, your Middle Market firm will be happy.

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