Is Your Company Ready to Go Remote?

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Remote work has become more common over the past decade, with many companies—including Appen, Williams-Sonoma, UnitedHealth Group, and Dell—having entirely or partially remote workforces. Even in advance of COVID-19, more companies were hiring for more kinds of remote positions than ever before. Going remote might have some real benefits for your business–is your company ready to make the change?

Remote Hiring Can Mean The Best Talent For Your Company

Many knowledge-based companies, especially in the technology sector, have long been remote simply because that’s the only way to get the best talent. Allowing employees to work from anywhere can create a happier, more productive team. Other benefits include a better work/life balance and the ability to choose where to live and work. Plus, less time and energy will be wasted on commuting and in-office distraction while simultaneously decreasing overhead and carbon footprint. This allows companies to allocate resources to where they matter most: people.

Remote Workforces Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All

Given the benefits many companies see with transitioning to a partial or completely remote workforce combined with the recent restructuring of the workforce due to the current disruption caused by the virus, it’s predicted that remote work will become even more common. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, however. Some companies, like Automattic, have an entirely remote team. Others have remote positions, or flexible arrangements for partial work-from-home roles.

Is Your Company Ready To Go Remote? Strong Leadership is Pivotal.

To answer the “Is your company ready to go remote?” question, the first and most important factor, of course, is leadership. Without a shared physical space, team-building can be more difficult. Thus, remote team-building requires an innovative approach to foster cohesiveness and collaboration. Does your company have the leadership in place to creatively facilitate a strong, passionate company culture with a workforce spread over different states or countries?  Technology is also key here: does your company have tools in place to help employees connect and collaborate sans conference room and water cooler?

Some of these challenges can be overcome with technology like videoconferencing platforms like Zoom and collaboration apps like Slack and Asana. Others can only be solved by a skilled recruiter experienced in the challenges of remote work and hiring. ROI, being a remote firm itself with ten years of recruiting the top middle-market talent, is uniquely qualified to find leadership to lead your company into a remote future. We understand the unique challenges and demands of a remote workforce and have the knowledge and tools to recruit the very best, most qualified leadership coast-to-coast and internationally.

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