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Recruiting Remotely For Your Middle Market Company

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We are facing uncertain and unusual times globally as we grapple with the far-reaching effects of COVID-19. One of these is the increase in remote work. While on the rise for years, the pandemic and resulting social distancing and shelter-in-place directives dramatically sped up the process. We’ve seen a major shift of large sectors of the workforce from offices to work-from-home environments. Many businesses will likely go back to some degree of traditional work after restrictions are lifted, but many will not.   Finding the best remote leadership for your company is essential if your company is among those considering this change!

Middle-Market Companies Need A Plan For The Future

Middle-market companies all over the country are trying to figure out how to deal with the disruption in our labor market. Most importantly, they need a plan when we come out on the other side of this crisis. If you are looking for leadership that will help lead your middle-market company in this new direction, ROI is uniquely qualified to recruit and hire remote executives.

Companies that develop new, hearty remote recruiting, hiring, and retention strategies will be well ahead of the curve to the benefit for their longer-term productivity. Plus, they’ll be better prepared for the next crisis when it comes.

Finding The Best Remote Leadership for Your Company

ROI has been the middle-market recruiting expert and a remote team for 10+ years. We can ask the right questions to hire an executive that can passionately lead a team regardless of whether he/she is in the room with them. We can also make sure s/he is a great fit with your company culture.

While potentially unconventional, remote recruiting’s greatest advantage is that it widens the candidate pool considerably. Hiring remotely finds the best candidates and allows them flexibility in where they live. This means there is a greater opportunity to live and work in the place where a top candidate is already established, and are happiest and most productive. Why move a top-performing CFO that has kids in high school and a career-focused spouse from St. Louis to San Francisco just to “have him or her down the hall?” A Remote CFO kept in St. Louis can cost a fraction of the total compensation, will work harder for you and will have minimal family/career disruption….and s/he can start on Monday!

Remote Hiring Doesn’t Need to Be Intimidating

Hiring an executive that not only goes through the entire hiring process remotely from interviews to assessments to reference checks but also gets hired and placed in a remote location without ever having met the hiring manager in person might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. ROI has the skills and the expertise, and your company’s future is waiting! Let us help.

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