revenue generation - are you shortsighted or visionary

Revenue Generation – Are You Shortsighted Or Visionary?

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Revenue generation is always on the mind of Middle Market leaders and executives. Depending on how long you’ve been in business or your current situation, you may not have a lot of time to focus on a revenue generation plan. You may be relying solely on the sales team or key members to create enough business to keep you afloat.

No matter where your Middle Market firm is currently, in order to sustain your current business and grow, you’ll need to give more time and attention to revenue generation at some point. Deciding if you want to be at the head of the pack or stay in mid-stream can help you determine your revenue goals.

At Every Step

When you are struggling to stay afloat or stretched to capacity to fulfill your sales goals, increasing your revenue is likely just a fact of necessity and not something you can devote a lot of time or money to.

Setting and achieving revenue goals will change as your Middle Market organization grows up.

At the start-up phase, your goals may be just to get customers and pay the bills. As you grow into the Middle Market, perhaps you can refine your objectives. By setting up an overall revenue plan and adding to it as you grow, you can achieve greater success without feeling like you are wasting valuable time on planning and meetings.

No matter where your company currently is, spend a bit of time – as much as you can afford – thinking about and planning for strategic revenue generation goals. Make sure to identify key personnel who can help you with this process.

Ask mentors for advice or consider forming a board of advisors tasked specifically with revenue growth.

Revolutionary Focus

By focusing all your attention on growing sales and adding customers, you will likely see success and reach some or most of your goals. But, by thinking outside of the proverbial box, you have an opportunity to have phenomenal success.

How does your Middle Market firm become a visionary? To begin with, forming a group of key people within your organization who can help you. Executives, senior sales leaders and anyone that can bring a unique perspective to growth should be included.

Next, work on involving all employees in revenue generation. How? By making sure every department understands how they make money for your organization. Not every group actually creates or brings in revenue, but every team somehow impacts your customers and vendors. The best sales team in the world can make sales, but they can’t make up for terrible customer service, and vice versa.

You could next develop a program to reward innovation and strategic thinking in your employees. Maybe you hold regular contests, or maybe you figure out how to incentivize ingenuity. Either way, sparking employee interest and rewarding their efforts keeps employees invested.

Lastly, evaluate current revenue streams to see if you could expand them. If you sell physical products, do you offer support or replacement services? Can you create a complimentary line of business to your existing ones?

Revenue generation is vital to any organization’s success, but in the Middle Market, you can benefit from becoming a revenue visionary through careful planning and thinking outside the box.

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