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Ready To Sell Your Middle Market Company? What To Keep In Mind Regarding Taxes

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Selling a company you’ve built from day one can be both exhilarating and scary.  You have financial matters to consider.  Also employees’ needs and possibly what happens to your family.  Plus, you’ll be thinking about what becomes of an organization you founded.  And your personal feelings and emotions surrounding the sale of your Middle Market organization are entangled.  You are surely thinking about finances.  You potentially and vaguely know a bit about taxes.  However, what you aren’t considering about your tax responsibility could hurt you down the road.

Why It Pays To Plan Ahead Regarding The Sale Of Your Middle Market Firm

Everything we mentioned takes time and consideration to cover all avenues and work towards the best outcome.  Likewise, your Middle Market company must be on its best financial footing at sale time.  If not, you can’t be assured you’ll get a fair and advantageous return on your investment.

Regarding taxes, take plenty of time prior to the sales process to get your planning in order.  Will you be creating trusts, charitable organizations or other entities?  If so, most of the initial legwork needs to be done well before the sale.  Otherwise, the IRS will likely view your efforts as mere ways to reduce your tax liability.  How early?  As early as possible – anything less than six months would be a flag.

Setting up different financial entities and processes takes time and consideration, so don’t wait until you have offers coming your way.  Your financial advisor can take time researching your options and putting together a course of action that makes the most sense for your plans and desires.

Why You Need An Investment Advisor For Your Middle Market Sale

You may be successfully handling your personal investments and maybe even some for your Middle Market organization.  And, you likely have an accountant and legal team at hand to help with decisions.  All of which are fantastic.  However, none of those resources are solely educated on the legal aspects of investments like a Registered Investment Advisor is.

The sale of an organization brings up many potential questions and scenarios; you’ll want someone specifically focused on how to help ensure you get to keep as much of your hard-earned profit as possible.  Moreover, that you can do the things you want (investing, gifting, donating, etc.) with your proceeds now and for years to come.  Lastly, taxes aren’t any laughing matter and the cost of even slight mistakes can be huge.  It’s worth it to invest time and money into developing a trusted relationship with an investment expert to help you decide exactly how to proceed with your proceeds.

Selling your Middle Market organization may have always been in the cards, but you likely haven’t spent years studying tax laws and the best methods for investing your sale earnings.  Make sure you prepare well in advance and get some expert assistance and advice so you can walk away satisfied and protected.

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