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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Help You Find the Job You Want

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Looking for a job? Cool. If you haven’t, it’s time to optimize your LinkedIn to list the skills specific to the roles you want.


Those skills you list on your profile can help recruiters find you and determine whether or not they contact you for an interview.

Not sure about what skills to list or how to find the right keywords?

We have a hack for that. 

Go to your profile homepage.

Click on “More.”

Select “Build a resume.” 

Click “Build from profile.”

Put in your target job title.

LinkedIn will populate your profile in the form of a resume.

Look over to the right-hand side, and you’ll see green checkmarks for the skills that match the job title you used. Below that, you’ll see LinkedIn’s recommendations for more keywords to add.

For a standard, non-premium profile, LinkedIn will get you 10 of these recommendations based upon the millions of job openings and profiles of people with the job title you searched. If you have the premium version of LinkedIn, that number will increase to 15-25

If you have any of those skills listed but haven’t added them to your profile, do it now!

(Don’t add any that you don’t have. That’s sketchy.)

Skills can be added in the skills section (up to 50!) and in the work experience, headline, and about sections.

Add a couple of the heaviest hitters for skills for your role right into your headline, since that headline is weighted heavier in search results, meaning more profile views and interview invites. 

Look through the list; if any skills you possess aren’t listed on your profile, ensure that you add them.

Now, go to your headline and add a couple (no more than three) of the top skills for your target role. This will make it easier for recruiters to find you!

Ta-da! A optimized LinkedIn profile to help you find the job you want – for free!

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