middle market customers hungry for customization

Are Your Middle Market Customers Hungry For Customization?

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As you currently reside in the Middle Market, it is pretty fair to say you’ve been successful at figuring out products or services customers want to purchase. As you have grown, you probably have reconfigured or reinvented along the way as needed and had differing levels of success each time. If you’ve had a lengthy and loyal relationship with many of your customers, it may be time to think about (and ask them directly) if they are looking for customization to be part of your offerings.

Customization can come in many different forms – it could be with your products or services, but it could be so many other areas.

How To Know Your Middle Market Customers Want Customization?

Well, for starters, are they asking for it? Do you have some customers who keep asking about potential changes to products or services? Have they hinted that they’d really like XYZ to happen? Do they casually mention how they aren’t happy with an alternate product they have to use from a competitor? Start listening closely.

Next, ask! Is there something about the products or services you offer that your customers would like (and pay for) to be more customized to their particular needs? If so, what is it worth to them? Is it something that would be just nice to have or is it vital or key to their growth? By having the conversation, you may find out small changes that could be made or you could find a new avenue of business – or a deepening of current business at least – that did not exist until you brought it up.

Does Customization Make Sense And Which Middle Market Customers Can You Accommodate

Certainly, you can’t be everything to everyone. So, you’ll have to be selective about what you offer and probably who you offer it to. You could customize certain products, how you deliver it, where you deliver it, what state of completion you deliver it in, etc. Alternatively, it could be what levels of training and customer service you offer. It could be branding and co-branding or marketing and co-marketing efforts. It could even come down to your billing. Basically, customization could be as small or large as you want to and can afford to make it.

Before you offer it to anyone, it does help to have an idea of what your Middle Market organization can afford to do, what makes sense from a profitability standpoint and what you would be offering just to make customers happy. While there are many reasons to work with customers to create specializations, it doesn’t always make sense. So, be open to suggestions and collaboration, but make sure it is the right thing to do for you first.

Customization is something that could set your Middle Market firm apart from the pack. Taking time to learn if it is something customers want and that you can provide could be a huge win for you.

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