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Why You Should Make It Easier For Customers To Help Themselves

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In today’s fast-paced, mobile and highly connected world, speed and efficiency often trump all in customers’ minds. No customer wants a poor experience. But, they may make concessions if the process seemed “easy” in their minds. Your Middle Market organization can apply this idea to every facet of customer service. Think about how to apply it to ordering and issue resolution. How could you provide a more acceptable end-user experience?

Ordering Made Easier

Yes, customers expect personal touches. However, the preferences for self-support or more streamlined customer experiences are growing. In your ordering process, you may find more customers request an online catalog or ordering system. They may demand more responsive, robust and mobile options as well. Focus on making some or all your ordering process more self-service. You’ll be set to capture some of the audience who simply wants to browse your products and services without talking to a human. And, those who may want to complete the entire process online.

Revamp your ordering systems to include more graphics, images, measurements and even videos. It will help customers become more familiar with your products. Also, you can answer vital questions they may have before ordering. A streamlined, simple online ordering system is key. One tip, allow customers to input and retain information for reorders to make ordering seamless.

Training & FAQs

Investing in your online ordering system will likely be incredibly beneficial for your Middle Market firm. But don’t forget about training and support. Customers who prefer to make a purchase online or self-suppported, want the whole process to be so. They likely don’t want to have to make a phone call to ask a question or resolve a simple issue.

The same sorts of “rules” apply to your training and FAQs, make them very easy for your average user to find, search and use. Include more graphics and images and consider shooting short videos to cover onboarding, initial setup and training videos. Some organizations even hold webinars (which they record for later replay options) to help through the initial setup phases. This can be especially helpful if your products are software related or require extensive setup or data entry.

Service Issues, Returns And Complaints

Especially when a customer has completed their entire process online or without talking to a person, your customers may not want to have to report issues, return a product or lodge a complaint offline. Consider what a customer must go through for these types of concerns and figure out if your process could be simplified or put online. It will be vital to make sure customers feel their online requests are heard and being taken care of, so implementing automated messaging or follow-up touchpoints will be key.

The easier your Middle Market organization can make it for customers to help themselves, the more market share you stand to gain. While certain customers will shun online services and self-support, as our world becomes more digital and mobile, you can be certain customers will demand easier ways to help themselves to your products and services.

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