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Are You Giving Your Customers Too Many Of Everything?

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Customer service is a huge business area and there are many theories on what constitutes the best customer service. In your Middle Market organization, you may have made helping and supporting your customers a huge business priority with a lot of focus. If so, you may be tempted to try to meet all of your customer’s needs to the nth degree at all times. And, you might be giving them too much of everything – service options, product lines, contact, etc.

So how can you be sure you are hitting the Goldilocks “Just Right” levels rather than drowning your customers in choice?

Find Out What Customers Really Want And Need

If you feel like you are on a hamster wheel spinning in circles for your customers, make sure you are positive of what they truly want and need. If you don’t know exactly what would be the right amount of service, products, pricing and support, ask your customers for feedback.

Stop Trying To Be Everything To Everyone

Obviously, some are more demanding than others, but you can’t cater to every single wish and whim of every customer without other areas of your business being affected. If you are trying to be a master of everything, your Middle Market staff will suffer and you may even lose customers. Decide on your core objectives, what your unique selling proposition is and where you want to focus your time and energy. If customers don’t align with your goals and strategies, you’d both be better off helping them transition to a company who does. You’ll be much happier if you identify who you want to serve and how you want to do it and then pursue customers who match up.

Too Much Choice Is Confusing

Imagine what your great grandparents would think if they walked into a mega-store today. They’d be blown away and probably overwhelmed with all of the available product choices. Don’t blanket your customers with every possible option or product combination under the sun. Again, figure out what your Middle Market organization is best at and work to improve there. If valued customers want to partner with you on adding products and services, you can certainly explore the option.

Your Internal Structure Might Be Frustrating

When your customers need to talk to a salesperson, how easy it for them to reach the right person? Do you have so many layers of staff that it’s impossible to get to the person that can help the first time? If you’ve made your organization very layered, make sure your customers know how to connect with the right groups and don’t make them filter through your company before they get to the right spot. Your internal structure might make sense for your Middle Market company, but don’t expect your customers to have the same understanding. Cut out the middlemen in customer-facing areas as often as possible.

Your customers surely want choices and options, but blanketing them with hundreds of choices at every turn is going to be confusing and frustrating. Make sure you are covering your customers’ needs while keeping a less can be more approach if you want customer satisfaction.

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