tried and true communication works just fine for your middle market firm

Tried & True Communication Works Just Fine For Your Middle Market Firm

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When email first came into the business world, many people couldn’t imagine the plethora of other options that would follow.  It seems new, quicker and “better” methods come along every few months.  Some of these new technologies may offer great potential. However, they all have one significant downfall: they require employees to learn and use yet another tool.  Your Middle Market employees already may feel they use too much software, tools, and programs.  So, if you want to get buy-in, tools must replace multiple programs or vastly improve employees’ working lives.

Also, while it is exciting to be an early adopter, you do need to ask if these methods actually improve anything.  Changing or adding something just for the sake of doing it or saying you among the first is probably not the best way to engender excitement from your teams.

Don’t Change If Tried And True Communication Works Just Fine For Your Middle Market Firm

No matter your opinion, email is likely here to stay for most Middle Market organizations.  Why?  Because it works, there aren’t fantastic alternatives, and everyone is pretty well used to it.  Instead of looking for a replacement, why not invest in ways to help employees use it more successfully and efficiently?  Are there additional tools or add-ons for your current email to help employees manage their mail?  Could you provide training and tips for dealing with what comes their way more effectively?  Is there a better email program, service, or server to make things easier?

Also, start working on how to reduce the number of emails sent throughout your organization.  Perhaps there are better ways to say there is food in the breakroom, celebrate birthdays, or announce a charitable drive.  You could look at an actual bulletin board or electronic versions for non-essential business announcements.  Talk about the proper ways and places to store data and what email should be used for.  If your average employee receives 200 emails a day, consider what essential items get lost in the shuffle.

All Inclusive Programs May Be Worth Investigating For Your Middle Market Company

Some organizations find it worthwhile to have an Instant Messaging system, email, file storage/sharing, and intranet options.  While you can certainly find all of these items individually, there are some all-in-one programs on the market that may be a better fit.  Doing a bit of investigation into each and weighing the pros and cons is typically well worth your time.  If your Middle Market organization struggles to find, keep track of, and manage information successfully these programs may be part of the solution.  You may also find when you provide employees with a suite of this magnitude email numbers dip significantly over time as they figure out more efficient and effective ways to communicate, store, and share information.

It can be tempting to think about scuttling email and more established communication technologies in your Middle Market organization.  Before you do, ask if new and improved actually is and if it will be beneficial to your teams.

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