struggling to digitize your organization

Are You Struggling To Digitize Your Organization?

In Technology Resources by Brandt A. Handley

Obviously, digital technology abounds in our daily lives and in our businesses. Putting technology to use is something all organizations strive for these days. And, great strides have been made. One area many companies have lofty goals for but struggle to put into practice is digitizing their processes.

Moving manual or previously paper-based processes and procedures into the digital world is beneficial in many ways. You could save time, resources and money – all tremendous reasons for digitization. However, actual work of digitization can be overwhelming, costly and time-consuming for even the most prepared company.

Start Slow, But Keep Moving

There’s an old saying about how to eat an elephant. A bite at a time is the solution, illustrating you can do anything if you start and continue methodically. When you look at digitization of your entire business, you certainly could start to feel overwhelmed

Instead, develop a strategy that allows you to start small and slow and continue working towards bigger goals.

Look at what needs to be done to make the following areas fully digital:

  • Internal, repetitive functions
  • Customer-centered activities
  • Future planning initiatives
  • Breaking It Down Further

    Looking at the main categories, it should be easy for your Middle Market firm to identify what area it would be best to start with.

    Decide how you’ll tackle the process. Will you break it down by business segment, importance to your overall functionality, what’s easiest to document and digitize or a hybrid of all methods? How will you track your results and what will be in place to ensure you stay on track?

    How will you know when it is time to shift from one area to the next? What teams and leadership will need to be involved and how will they ensure progress?

    Helping Customers Adapt

    Depending on what you decide to implement, you may be impacting your customers greatly. Making sure you provide as smooth of a transition as possible is going to be essential to maintaining great relationships.

    Before you start digitizing anything that affects those outside your Middle Market firm, you should have a very keen grasp on why you are making the changes and exactly how it will be an improvement.

    Consider digitizing the customer facing activities that only truly improve something for your customers. Forcing digital resources they dislike and won’t use isn’t going to be an improvement for anyone.

    Make sure you have plenty of ways to notify, train and support your customers before you embark on digitization. Provide plenty of time for them to become used to the tools at their disposal and make sure you do whatever you can to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Staying Ahead Of Yourself

    Digitization of your entire organization could take years and unfortunately, can’t happen in a vacuum. You’ll bring on new employees, processes, and customers while you work through it, so work out how to best be prepared for those eventualities.

    If you can, ensure any new processes or procedures put in place during this process will only be done digitally. Instead of consistently adding to the pile of what needs to be transitioned from paper to the digital realm, it might make sense to run some concurrent manual and digital processes.

    Moving your manual, paper processes into the digital realm is a large project for most organizations, but one that isn’t impossible. Developing a consistent plan, broken into small steps and working concurrently with manual and digital processes can help ease your Middle Market firm into a fully digital world.

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