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Do You Need To Refresh Your Digital Footprint This Year?

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The online presence of most companies is time-consuming and specifically cultivated for a particular point in time. Building a website and Social Media brand can take considerable time and effort. Once the final touches are placed, some companies feel everything is complete. Their online activities may get relegated to the back burner.

In the Middle Market, you may feel you don’t have time, money or energy for upkeep on your website. Or, you may think what you have is good enough. Possibly you don’t have the understanding and knowledge to do anything differently.

Refreshing or updating your digital footprint is important for several reasons.

Why Your Digital Footprint Needs Attention

Obviously, our society becomes more dependent on technology every year. Websites and Social Media keep updating or evolving quickly. Current trends are moving towards more visually stunning content, for instance. The first reason your digital footprint might need a refresh is to stay current and relevant.

As technology evolves, so do security risks and the sophistication of hackers. Secure your Middle Market technological assets. Run regular updates and don’t let software become outdated. If you change nothing else, make sure your security patches are installed and updates and backups are completed routinely.

If your website, blog or Social Media allow for comments and posts, part of the responsibility also needs to lie in regular monitoring, editing and replying.

And lastly, no matter how good your website and online presence are, likely you have errors somewhere. Links break, data and information changes and contact information may be obsolete.

How Often Is Necessary

Your website and social brand don’t need constant revamping to be effective – in fact, the opposite would likely occur if you change things up all the time. Look at the reasons listed above and determine how often they require attention. Perhaps you need to run daily or weekly backups and you should install updates or patches as often as they occur as they are often more timely.

A full-blown review and revamp may happen every few years – or whenever some major shift occurs. If you change your brand or logo, corporate structure, or anything else significant, obviously, that is the time to update your digital footprint.

Each department should have someone or a team assigned to periodically review the information, links, documents that pertain to them. Check for accuracy and relevance.

Your Middle Market organization may opt to outsource some of these functions, which is totally understandable.

Staying abreast of what your digital footprint is and maintaining a regular schedule for review, revamping and updates is key to ensure your security and to set the right tone for your online presence. 

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