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Do Middle Market Companies Need Online Reviews to be Successful?

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Statistics show that 90% of consumers prefer to check online reviews before they make a purchase.

Online reviews serve as one of the first interactions between you and the potential customer.  They look at the reviews for credibility, reliability, and the overall customer experience that your company offers. Their next move is based on the customer feedback posted online.

Your aim should be to tip the scales in your favor whenever that happens. You must consider the impact of online reviews when you start creating your virtual presence. You need to proactively take steps that ensure that you’ve got a string of positive reviews that are praising your services. Apart from this, you need to learn how to tackle disgruntled customers without ruining your reputation.

Here are all the reasons why this is important:

Gets Your Middle-Market Company on the Map

Did you sign up for Google My Business Yet? We hope so! This service allows you to curate the content that shows up after somebody searches about your business. Unsurprisingly, online reviews are an integral part of this service, and you have the power to delete/highlight virtual reviews to manage your reputation.

Due to Google’s involvement, the number of reviews you receive have a direct effect on your SEO rankings. Additionally, online reviews assure customers that you run a genuine business and won’t rip them off.

Word of Mouth FTW

Admit it: as a middle-market company, your presence is often overshadowed by bigger brands. On the other hand, startups tend to take away interested customers with their shiny new portfolio. You’re caught in the middle of this competition. 

However, you can turn the tide in your favor via online reviews. Every online review matters when it’s posted on credible platforms like Yelp, Houzz or Google Reviews, since prospective clients will see positive reviews as proof of the company’s integrity. Therefore, you should share your testimonials on social media, as this could lead to a chain of referrals that’ll increase your sales.

Constructive Feedback

Have you ever heard the saying, “the customer is always right?” Of course you have. However, it can become difficult to keep calm when the company is being disfavorably discussed on a public forum.

In those situations, you need to handle things logically. Try to listen to the complaint, look for solutions, and then follow up. Besides this, you must accept your mistakes if you’re at fault. Then, use this criticism as a way to resolve similar issues.

Better yet, open lines of communication to encourage customer feedback. In this way, you’ll become aware of the areas that concern the customer and work on them immediately. Not only will these actions make the customer happy, but it will also showcase you as a reliable service provider.

In a Nutshell

Online reviews might seem insignificant amidst the long list of things you need to address. However, they’ve got the potential to boost your sales, engage customers, and create a credible profile, soiit’s vital for you to pay attention to what people are saying about your company online. The impact of these online reviews could lead to greater things.

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