disaster & recovery plan in need of a revamp

Is Your Disaster & Recovery Plan In Need Of A Revamp?

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If your Middle Market firm is in a growth phase, you likely are focusing on many different areas. Sales, profits, efficiencies are just the beginning of what you’re tracking. One area that can be easy to overlook, especially during growth, is your Disaster & Recovery plan.

You may have created your D&R plan years ago when you were much smaller. Or, possibly you strategically review it every few years. But, do you keep it up to date with all of your growth spurts?

Do You Really Need To Update It Frequently?

Potentially not, but it depends on what your company is doing. Brought on any new software, hardware or other technology recently? Even the tiniest program can spell big trouble when you can’t get it back up or reload your data.

  • Have you brought on any new equipment? Include production, sales, shipping and all office equipment?
  • Do your IT policies cover equipment loaned out to staff members? If not, you need to make sure their recovery is added to your Disaster & Recovery plan.
  • Have you moved at all since your Middle Market firm began? If so, are all your disaster & recovery steps and information up to date for your current location? Do you need to include or remove anything that doesn’t pertain to your current set-up?
  • Have you added anything new that isn’t in your current policy? Does your policy list out and cover every piece of equipment, software, hardware, backup equipment, etc. or have some items been forgotten about?
  • What Is Your Current Backup Process And Have You Tested It Lately?

    How often do your systems back up? Where are the backups stored? Have you tested the system to make sure you not only are capturing the data you need but that it is useable and can actually be recovered? You may not have a way to completely test this, but if you aren’t ensuring the validity of what you backup, how can you know you’ll be able to access it when needed?

    Your Disaster & Recovery plan should include some fail safes and ways to test your programs on a semi-regular basis. Your IT team and backup management support should be able to devise some mock situations for regular testing.

    Has Anything Changed With Compliance Or Governance?

    Most organizations have some local, state or national agencies that cover compliance and governance. You likely have a mixture of all three and depending on your business, you may have very strict rules to follow. It’s important your Disaster & Recovery plan has all these items not only documented but updated regularly. Ensure it is up to date before you have an issue and find yourself in the wrong.

    Does It Account For All Likely Scenarios?

    In today’s society, you not only have to think about physical issues or damage to your infrastructure and buildings but also the possibility of hacking or cyber crime. While all of your equipment may be just fine if someone is able to hijack all your data, how will you deal with all of the ramifications? Are your backups completely safe even if someone takes down your entire network or gains access to all levels of your computer systems?

    Make sure your Disaster & Recovery plan is robust and covers many different scenarios. Your Middle Market organization wants safe and reliable processes in the event of a disaster. Make sure you evaluate and update your Disaster & Recovery plan frequently to ensure it.

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