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How Collective Intelligence Can Be Used As a Secret Weapon by Hiring Managers

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Recruiters are always trying to up their game when they are looking for top talent. They have employed new strategies and resources to help secure the best recruits for businesses they work with. By constantly changing and adapting to the market, they can get the best people for the job, while ensuring that they will stick in the position they are hired for. One of these strategies is the use of collective intelligence, which has proven extremely useful when it comes to the hiring process and can be used alongside other tactics.

What Is Collective Intelligence?

If you have ever worked as part of a team to come up with a single idea, you have worked with collective intelligence. It is the idea by which different opinions, experiences, and backgrounds can come together to decide a single outcome.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one?” Collective intelligence is a similar concept. By using a wider range of knowledge and experiences that one person couldn’t possibly have, you can come up with a bigger and better strategy.

Collective intelligence, simply put, is the collection of ideas and efforts of various individuals that are used to optimize the decision-making process.

The Value of Collective Intelligence During the Hiring Process

This strategy can be applied by hiring managers to hire the best possible candidates. Collective intelligence in the hiring process doesn’t necessarily come from a variety of different people, but rather the information that you can collect from various outlets about a single candidate.

What it really refers to is getting a collection of information from interviews, references (both personal and professional), résumés, criminal records, former employer testimonials, and other avenues. Using all this information, hiring managers can paint a clearer picture of what their potential hire is like and if they would be ideal for the position they are looking for.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Work With Collective Intelligence to Find The Best Talent

Artificial intelligence is a great asset during the hiring process. It can streamline the entire process, sift through data quickly, and come up with candidates according to an input of data. However, AI alone can’t find the perfect candidate because it is losing the human factor.

Once AI is used for listing potential candidates, the collective intelligence of a candidate’s work history, personality, habits, work ethic, and skills can be analyzed by a hiring manager to find the correct person for the job. The use of collective intelligence in tandem with AI results in choosing the best candidates and thus has resulted in much higher retention rates for companies.

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