rebrand what your middle market company needs

Is A Rebrand What Your Middle Market Company Needs?

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Since there are typically many events that facilitate growing into the Middle Market from startup or small company, it is likely your organization could use a rebrand. Or at the very least a refresh of your logo and branding symbols.

Rebranding is often exciting! It can feel good to update everything and get closer to how your Middle Market organization would like to be perceived. However, there can be a few perils or speedbumps in the road to consider.

Why Rebrand?

There are many reasons you might be thinking of rebranding. Do you have older, plain looking logos and colors? Have you been through an M&A event? Did you change names or majorly shift your identity? It could be your current company brand isn’t in line with where your Middle Market company is now.

A rebrand goes much deeper usually than just your logo. A full rebrand encompasses all areas of your corporate identity. So, it’s important to spend some time thinking about what you are hoping to accomplish. What’s the main “why” behind the desire to rebrand? Are the changes minimal or mostly for the visual representation of your company? Then, you may be more interested in updating your logo, corporate color scheme, etc.

In M&A events, when you are attempting to bring two brands together, it may be the time for a full company rebranding.

Things To Consider

If you’ve grown into the Middle Market, you likely have quite a customer following. Your brand and imaging will be synonymous with what customers feel for your products and services.

When you decide to change your brand, it may confuse some of your customer base. No matter how small the changes seem internally, it will certainly be more impactful than you realize. Think of some of the failures in marketing campaigns recently. It doesn’t take long to see how much your corporate identity is tied to your brand.

If you are making a major change, it will need to be well thought out and should try to incorporate your past into your future. You’ll also need to look at upping your marketing budget and make sure you educate your customers on exactly what is changing and possibly why.

Unless your business is heavily involved in marketing and market research, it may be a good time to bring in some expert advice. A consultant or firm who can help your Middle Market firm negotiate the changes you’ll be making will likely be worth their fees.

Also, take some time to consider how you communicate with your customers. Will you build up suspense about the changes or unveil them when they are complete? For your business, would a contest to help with some aspect of the rebranding make sense? Involving your customer base in the process will help to ensure they stay on board with you through and after the changes.

Rebranding can be as simple as updating some visual aspects of your corporate identity all the way up to a complete overhaul of your brand. Make sure your Middle Market firm spends some time contemplating the many facets involved. Want to know more?

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