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What You Need To Know About Enticing Candidates With Your Environment

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When your Middle Market organization seeks the best employees, do you consider how your environment is received? Have you ever thought about how your environment appears? How your office building, décor, and set-up may be tipping the scales in or out of your favor? Satisfaction with the work environment may be a hazy concept. However, it is something you must consider when hiring.

Physical Aspects Matter

Perhaps 25 years ago, not a single prospective employee would bat an eye at what your offices looked like. They would likely have not cared about ergonomics, design or flow for your spaces. They wouldn’t have thought twice about declining a job offer because your space didn’t align with their desires.

Now, however, if you aren’t at least thinking about these things, you are likely missing opportunities. Why? Well, let’s just consider cubicles, offices and desk set-up. How much more aware are you of offering contemporary spaces that help employees feel content and stay healthy than you were in the past? Do you offer desks that can be used while sitting or standing? Have you had an ergonomic expert come in to evaluate your spaces? Have you gone through different iterations of open floor space vs. offices, etc. Likely, you can say yes to most or all of these things.

As science and technology continue to improve the office environment to help ensure the health and safety of employees, your Middle Market firm must as well. Imagine what prospective hires think when they view your offices for the first time. Are they modern and updated, offering conveniences and must-haves? Do they align with the philosophy of your organization? Are they impressive or oppressive? Candidates and employees demand better flow to spaces, more importance placed on health and well-being and generally want to feel happy, relaxed and engaged by your physical aspects.

What You Can’t See But Can Feel Is Equally Important

Feeling, connection, and satisfaction in the workplace are words that are becoming increasingly important in the workforce, especially with younger employees. While your Middle Market firms physical space is important, the invisible environment or feel of your organization is equally so. Employees want to walk into a space and feel that your employees are motivated, engaged, happy and ready to work together.

If you have closed off or cramped spaces and candidates can actively see everyone working alone on their own things with limited interaction, what impression does that give of your organization? Contrast that with an open design or at least collaborative spaces where teams can interact with each other, provide feedback and share ideas freely. Which do you think is more welcoming to a candidate?

Your Middle Market firm can’t please everyone, but you can make sure your environment is welcoming, enticing and set up such that prospective employees can see themselves being happy and successful in it.

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