middle market marketing team organized for optimal results

Is Your Middle Market Marketing Team Organized For Optimal Results?

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It isn’t hard to imagine most departments feel least understood and most underrated in their organization.  Marketing certainly could vie for that award pretty regularly.  It’s often an area whose budget takes a hit when times are tough.  It also can be very difficult to show ROI directly from your Marketing team’s efforts.  Make sure your Middle Market company is setting this often-misunderstood group up for success by taking a look at their organization.

Who Is Your Middle Market Marketing Team?

How did the Marketing department start out at your Middle Market firm?  Do most team members come from a Marketing background? Or, did they happen to show some aptitude and grow into the roles?  Or was there a “Command & Control/Silo” approach when the Founder said “We need some marketing plans!” and the marketing team evolved from being told what to do?  As you grew from struggling startup with everyone playing multiple roles, is your Marketing team still holding their own?  Are the employees happy and engaged at your current size?

Do Your Middle Market Marketing Team Members Wear Too Many Hats Or Not Enough?

As in any area, your Marketing team likely has specialists and generalists.  However, finding the sweet spot of what works best for your Middle Market company is key.  To start, ask them how it’s working?  Do they feel spread too thin and like they have to know too much about too many things to truly be effective?  Are there enough employees to cover the workload?  What areas could they use assistance with?  Are there other internal teams or leaders that could be assisting more?

Likewise, if your team is entirely made up of specialists, do they feel they have enough opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge?  Is there a career path and cross-training plans in place?  Do they feel like they can grow with your organization or is leaving the next step in their career plan?

Is Your Middle Market Marketing Team Lacking In Specific Marketing Knowledge?

Next, find out if there are education gaps you could be helping them fill.  If someone showed a natural aptitude but never had formal education, could you assist them to achieve their goals?  In return, your organization benefits.  Are there mentoring, short-term classes, or continuing education classes your Middle Market Marketing team should be participating in?  Have things changed in our digital world which your more tenured Marketing professionals need to be brought up to speed on?

As new Social Media platforms and trends evolve, does your Marketing team have a plan for staying in tune with what’s changing?

How And Where Are Marketing Decisions Made In Your Middle Market Firm?

The last consideration is centralization vs. decentralization.  Depending on your structure, one or the other likely makes more sense.  It’s worth having some conversations with Marketing and your C-Suite to make sure your team is structured correctly for your Middle Market company.  The decision may seem insignificant, but it can increase your Marketing team’s ability to make timely and cost-effective decisions.  Moreover, it can make all the difference regarding consistent brand messaging & marketing efforts in every market you serve.

Your Middle Market Marketing team may be in need of some attention to help ensure they are structured correctly for your organization.  By looking at their individual strengths, team structure, and potential knowledge gaps, you can help verify the Marketing team is organized properly for your needs.

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