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How to Cultivate a Relationship Between Recruitment and Onboarding

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Creating a symbiotic relationship between recruitment and onboarding is more important than many employers think. By having a seamless transition between the two processes, businesses can get a much more satisfied employee base and a much better employee retention rate. By aligning the two processes, employees get a much clearer idea of what they are signing up for with the position they are accepting. The only way to do this is by cultivating a relationship with your recruiter to ensure a smooth transition.

Before getting into how to cultivate this relationship for more successful and fruitful hiring, it is important to recognize the differences between the two processes:

How to Cultivate a Relationship Between the Two Processes

The reason why it is important to build a link between the two processes is so recruiters can set clear expectations for potential employees. There should be no false hope built during the interview process, and no surprise expectations from employees once they start the job. Here’s how to cultivate a relationship between recruitment and onboarding for the most successful employment:

    1. Recruiters should thoroughly learn about the organization’s internal culture and job expectations. During this process, there should be open discussion and feedback on both ends to ensure the best results.

    2. Recruiters should be brought in on business strategies. By knowing the short-term and long-term goals and strategies of a business, recruiters will have a much clearer idea of what type of employee the organization is looking for at any given point.

    3. Build a relationship with a recruitment agency. By building a lasting relationship, you are ensuring a much higher success rate in terms of hiring. Through a strong and lasting relationship, your recruitment agency will be able to gauge what type of employees work for your organization. Over time, the recruitment agency can learn through data and analytics what the most successful hiring strategy for your organization.

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