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Growth In The Middle Market – Are Your Priorities Aligned With Success?

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Plans for strategic growth and expansion can either be viewed with enthusiasm or trepidation. It is dependent on many different factors. In larger organizations, many areas and teams will be impacted by growth initiative. So, preparation and forethought are vital. What can your Middle Market firm do to ensure your growth strategies and priorities are aligned with success?

Take Everything And Everyone Into Consideration When Planning

A surefire way to alienate or frustrate is to underestimate something. Or, to forget to include the impact strategic growth plans will have. You can’t plan for all eventualities and outcomes. However, taking time to fully research, study and estimate the impact on all of your teams can help ensure success. Asking for input and suggestions helps to calm fears as well. You’ll let employees know you recognize their concerns and value what their experience can help you understand during growth phases.

Are Your Scale And Timeline Appropriate?

Every one of us has bitten off more than we can chew, in life and business, at some time. The results are usually uncomfortable at best and disastrous at worst. Not only should your Middle Market company be certain the scale of how they hope to grow is appropriate for your unique situation and factors, you also need to make sure your timeline is appropriate. Trying to grow too big, too fast can be tragically difficult on your infrastructure, employees and morale. Likewise, not growing enough or having a protracted timeline can also cause many issues.

Evaluate your internal temperature, support structures, knowledge and experience before you decide on the scale and speed of your growth or expansion goals.

Is Your Timing Right?

There are many factors that can affect if the time is right to initiate a growth spurt, but you can’t effectively evaluate them all. So, identifying and studying a few key areas to help make this determination will be key in your success.

For starters, what else is going on in your Middle Market organization?

  • Is it a particularly busy or slow time of year?
  • Do you have any other internal initiatives ongoing that could impact success?
  • Are all of your teams available, well prepared and able to be fully committed?
  • What holidays, vacations, or pre-planned staffing situations are upcoming?
  • Does your customer base have anything going on that could affect your success?
  • Again, you can’t pick the “perfect” time to kick-off a growth and expansion plan, but you can make sure you’ve at least identified snags or scheduling conflicts whenever possible.

    Strategically growing your Middle Market organization can be wildly successful, when you make sure your priorities match up with the realities of your business.

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